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Stainless Steel Wire


Stainless steel wire is a versatile material with several industrial uses such as lock wire and spring wire. It is also used extensively in the medical field due to its ability to meet demanding applications at a relatively low cost.

Some common stainless steel wire applications include tie wire, pins, lashing, forming wire, filters, gaskets, elevators, safety wire, shaped and flat wire, conveyors, jewelry, springs, brush welding, electrical, wire line, craft wire, and more!

  Spring Wire

All Stainless spring wires are manufactured to a high and consistent quality including;
Tensile strength-offering consistent spring forming capabi­lities.
Surface finish and soap coating – to lubricate and aid the forming of the springs when running at high speeds through spring forming machines providing good spring coiling charac­te­ristics.
Cast & helix- offering maximum product performance.
The spring properties of stainless spring wires are obtained by precision cold drawing meaning the tensile strength of the spring wires are maintained at operating temperatures up to 250°C with stainless steel springs able to be used in reduced stress levels up to 450°C.

  Welding Wire

Flux Cored Arc Welding Wire—–FCAW
Gas Shielded Tungsten Inert Arc Welding Wire—–GTAW(TIG)
Gas Shielded Molten Inert Arc Welding Wire—- GMAW(MIG)
Submerged Arc Welding Wire—–SAW

  Stainless Steel Forming & EPQ (Electro-Polish Quality) Wire

Among the many applications of stainless steels, “Forming” is the most prevalent usage of stainless steel wires: stainless steel wires are ideal for forming, bending or shaping into a very large array of manufactured stainless steel products.
After forming, stainless steel wires are found in bent, woven, braided, meshed, stranded, shaped stainless steel products typical of the many usages of stainless steel.

  Lashing Wire

Type 304 and 302 Stainless
18% chromium, 8% nickel analysis
This kind of wire has excellent resistance to corrosion from industrial atmospheres
Its higher tensile strength and breaking load are an added benefit
A .038 in. diameter Type 302 wire provides strength equal to a .045 in. type 430 wire with better ductility (easier bending and unwinding) and better elongation (less chance of wire breakage from stress)
Type 316 Stainless
Modified 18-10 analysis containing approximately 2.5% molybdenum
More resistant to the corrosive action of most chemicals, including chlorides and sulfides, than any other wire
Particularly resistant to pitting and pin hole corrosion of the kind commonly caused by salt spray
Its use provides the best insurance against failure under the most severe atmospheric conditions
Type 430 Stainless
Low carbon, 17% chromium wire
Suitable for general use and in ordinary atmospheric exposure
Will acquire only a dark surface stain
Specifically not recommended for use within 25 miles of salt water or industrial operations which emit pollutants

  Spoke Wire

Driven with perfection, we are engaged in manufacturing, supplying and exporting Bright Stainless Steel Spoke Wire. Our professionals manufactured this product using optimum-grade stainless steel in order to ensure excellent corrosion resistance, longer service life and fine finish. Offered product is widely used in rims of motorbikes and bicycles. As per the varying demands of our clients, we offer this product in different sizes, designs and grades.

  Fine Wire

Fine stainless steel wire (often referred to as “wet drawn” stainless fine wire) is wire of diameters generally < 0.025” with bright finish due to drawing through diamond dies immersed in oil. Grades of stainless steel fine wire cover the whole range of stainless steels compositions.
Such stainless steel fine wire is used in a variety of important applications: weaving fine wire for stainless steel cloth and mesh, knitting stainless steel fine wire for filtration devices, braiding fine wire for stainless steel protected flexible hoses, stranding fine wire for stainless steel cables & wire ropes, fine wire medical stainless steel for devices such as stents & probes.

  Weaving & Knitting Wire

Weaving & Knitting Wire can be largely divided into weaving (crime prevention, insect net, filter, screen net), knitting (desalination filter), braiding (braiding, bellows) and is used in automotive, construction, chemical engineering production.

  Cold Heading Wire

Stainless steel wire is often used for the production of a variety of stainless steel parts by the “cold heading” process.
Surface quality of the cold heading stainless steel wire involves specific cold heading coatings for best performance in production.
These cold headed parts are mostly stainless steel “fasteners” such as: stainless steel screws, stainless steel bolts, stainless steel rivets, stainless steel nails, stainless steel pins and also parts such as stainless steel balls, stainless steel nuts.

  Free-Machining Wire

Stainless steel wire with high machinability for improved productivity in machining operations is generally referred to as “Free-machining” stainless steel wire.

Such high machinability stainless steel wire results from special and controlled additions in the stainless steel, particularly Sulphur.

Smaller diameter (< 0.30”) free machining stainless steel wire, in cold drawn condition, is often called “Escomatic free-machining” stainless steel wire, in reference to the “Escomatic” modern machines used for their machining into parts. Specific free-machining stainless steel grades are Austenitic 303, Ferritic 430F and Martensitic 416.

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